13 hilarious excuses to use if you need to get out of a bad date

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Apr 02, 20205 mins

13 hilarious excuses to use if you need to get out of a bad date

We've all been in a situation where we desperately need to get out of a date. Maybe you've agreed to go on one set up by a friend. Or perhaps you're on date number two - and it's just dawned that you are so not meant to be together.

But whatever the scenario is, it's really not easy to come up with a good excuse to bail. I mean, it's totally okay to just say no and explain why you don't think it'll work in an honest manner, but we do have a tendency to not want to hurt someone's feelings. And this is why we often come up with some kind of lame excuse to ditch the date.

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If you've ever been in this situation, then you need to have a read of these. The people of the internet have come up with some hilarious excuses to bail, and it's all thanks to a trending Twitter hashtag.

1. Enough said

"I have to go, there's no pizza on the menu."

2. I guess they didn't wanna leave Netflix hanging

"I just remembered that Netflix asked me if I want to continue onto the next episode and I forgot to say yes."

3. So, it can happen to anyone

"Left my refrigerator running."

4. The cat is always number one

"My sitter just called & im sorry but I have to go.. my cat can't sleep until I sing her a lullaby."

5. Here's one to make the date leave first

"My Mom will be here soon to meet you. She's going to show you "The Wedding Planning Notebook [sic]."

6. I'm a dangerous woman...

"I need to go check in with my probation officer."

7. It's a life or death situation

"I forgot it's my turn to work at the ER."

10. Well, there's no shame in telling the truth, right?

"I have to go to the supermarket to get some food, also we have no chemistry and I'm not going to sleep with you"

12. This is simple but genius

"My phone's battery is about to die!"

13. And it needs to be done NOW

"Forgot to mow the lawn."

14. It'd be rude to keep them waiting

"My second date is asking how soon I can come."

So, there you have it. The next time you get a message from a guy you don't want to see, you know exactly what to do. Of course, it's always better to be frank, upfront and honest with someone, but sometimes a witty excuse seems the least brutal way to go.

But no matter what, don't stress about it too much. Come on, we've all been there. And irrespective of how awkward or hilariously disastrous the world of dating can be, at least we've got some good stories to come out of it.


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