7 tips for creating a flawless dating app profile, according to a relationship expert

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Dec 08, 20215 mins

7 tips for creating a flawless dating app profile, according to a relationship expert

Even when using your favourite dating app, finding your perfect match is no easy feat.

While Tinder and Hinge have made it easier than ever to connect with people, it can feel like an overwhelming task to stand out and make an impression when you're only given a matter of seconds. Certainly, post lockdown, there are more fish in the sea than ever – with Match Group witnessing a 15 per cent rise in new subscribers at the end of 2020!

If you're looking to maximise your chances, relationship expert, James Thomas from has shared seven tips with Four Nine about how to create the perfect dating app profile.

From avoiding certain words to photography choices, here are his secrets...

Dating app profile Making your profile stand out on a dating app isn't easy (Credit: Alamy)

1. Take realistic pictures

While Thomas acknowledges that it's all too easy to rely on an old and time-tested photograph of yourself, it's best to do away with photos that are overly filtered or were taken five years ago — unless you have vampiric skills to push back the toll of time, of course.

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"Using an old or inauthentic image can look misleading," he explains. "Starting a relationship on a misconstrued reality will only hurt you in the long-run and tarnish anything further developing with anyone.

"If you are unhappy with your current situation or look, you should always be honest. This attracts people who only want to like you for you and not the images you share."

dating app profile It's best to do away with photos that are overly filtered on dating apps (Credit: Unsplash)

2. Connect your social media

If you're someone who likes to know everything about their potential beau, then you'll understand the importance of providing ample stalking material.

And the relationship expert points out that connecting your social media could actually result in more dates!

"It allows a person to extend their time on you," as he puts it. "With the addition of Instagram and Facebook, you can increase your chances of engagement. It also allows you to share more photos than the app allows and offers a deeper look into your personality.

"Always ensure your social media channels are up to date and mirror the personality you display on the app."

dating app profile Connecting your social media could actually result in more dates when you're using a dating app (Credit: Pexels)

3. Offer key details about your interests

As we all know, one key facet to compatibility is having shared interests — and Thomas says that you would be wise to highlight your passions when you're on the apps.

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Of course, you don't need to give everything away, but whether you're a bookworm or an avid jogger, he recommends being specific on certain details.

"For example, if you're reading an interesting book, state the name on your profile," Thomas explains. "You might end up attracting a fellow fan and you would have a heap in common.

"This is the same for your favourite food, music, and movies."

relationship You would be wise to highlight your passions when using apps (Credit: Alamy)

4. Avoid cliches

Time and time again, we see the same thing on dating app profiles. It seems like every single person loves The Office and would pick David Attenborough as a dream dinner date.

"You would expect to see one or more cliches on every other person's profile, avoid being one of them," Thomas comments.

"The same lines such as ‘I love to travel’, doesn’t add much personality to your profile unless you follow up with specifics.

"It can become predictable to read the same cliches over and over and it doesn’t set you apart from the crowd. Be refreshing and original, offer a witty anecdote and stay creative."

relationships Be creative when it comes to drafting your profile on dating apps (Credit: Alamy)

5. Keep group photos to a minimum

Raise your hand if you've spent too much time trying to pick out the person you're chatting to from their mates — yep, me too.

While group photos are a good way to show off your social side, you want to stand out for the unique person you are.

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Thomas explains: "With apps such as Tinder, you have nine photo options and group photos should take up no more than two of these slots.

"As for the image, try to avoid groups of more than 3 people so you don’t get lost in the crowd and if possible, with you in the middle. With your social media connected, they will be able to recognize your social crowd on these platforms."

tinder Don't overdo it with group photos on dating apps (Credit: Alamy)

6. Be positive

Another big no-no, the expert says, is to use negative language. "Try to avoid using the words ‘dislike’ or ‘don’t’ as this throws in negative vibes," he recommends.

"Instead, lead with things you enjoy doing and look for in a partner," says Thomas. Further down the line, you can expand on your dislikes, either via text or during a date.

"No one likes to have a conversation with a person who shares a negative mindset, so be open-minded with the details you share on your profile."

hinge Try to avoid using negative language when trying to attract the attention of love interests (Credit: Alamy)

7. Don’t be obnoxious 

Finally, while it may be tempting to showcase your dry or sarcastic sense of humour, this may be better saved for your first date.

As James explains: "The last thing you want is for someone to be put off when they read your profile.

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"There is a fine line between being confident and obnoxious, so ensure you know the difference. It can help to get a friend to read over your profile so they can share their honest opinion.

"Sometimes a dry sense of humour is hard to gauge online and can give off the wrong impression."

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