How to apply lubricants for females – 9 tips for overcoming vaginal dryness and eradicating painful sex

How to apply lubricants for females – 9 tips for overcoming vaginal dryness and eradicating painful sex

We all know what they are, but many of us are unsure about how to apply lubricants for females.

Using lube can help decrease friction and enhance pleasure when you're underneath the sheets — but it can also be a great tool for those who are suffering from vaginal dryness and painful sex.

Read on to see how to combat these common complaints...

How to apply lubricants for females many of us are still unsure about how to apply lubricants for females (Credit: Unsplash)

How to apply lubricants for females

To apply a lubricant, you simply place the product on any part of the body that feels good — or onto a sex toy.

You can use lube for sexual pleasure, comfort, masturbation — the possibilities really are endless... But, if you are using lubricant to combat vaginal dryness, here are some tips to eradicate painful sex.

1. Foreplay

Foreplay and arousal before sex can help overcome vaginal dryness, and also make sex more enjoyable for both parties, per Medical News Today.

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During foreplay, blood flow to the vaginal tissues increases during arousal. This means that the vagina, labia and clitoris swell, which leads to an increase in vaginal elasticity, and natural lubrication.

In order to get the most from foreplay, ensure that you communicate your sexual needs and desires to your partner.

How to apply lubricants for females Communication is key when it comes to foreplay (Credit: Unsplash)

2. Water-based lubricants

Personal lubricants also help reduce friction and pleasure — But they're not all the same.

Water-based lubes are a good option if you're experiencing vaginal dryness and painful sex. They don't break down latex in condoms or sex toys, and are ideal for those with sensitive skin, or those who are prone to infections.

And if you're precious about your sheets, then rest assured they don't leave stains.

However, one downside of water-based lubricants is that they dry out quickly, so frequent reapplication may be key if you're experiencing severe dryness.

lube Bear in mind your personal needs when choosing a lubricant (Credit: Unsplash)

3. Silicone-based lubricants

Silicone-based lubricants are a great option for those experiencing more severe symptoms of dryness and painful sex.

They stay slippery for longer, and don't evaporate when exposed to air, which eradicates the need for frequent reapplication.

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However, if you're worried about creating a mess, maybe go for another type of lubricant. Silicone-based lubes must be removed with soap and water, and they can also stain sheets.

And if you use latex condoms, steer clear, as they can break them down and render them ineffective.

How to apply lubricants for females Silicone-based lubes stay slippery for longer (Credit: Unsplash)

4. Vaginal moisturisers

There are a number of over-the-counter products that can help increase vaginal moisture. They do so by preventing additional dryness, and improving the pH of the vagina.

While they don't treat the underlying cause of dryness, they are useful for alleviating discomfort throughout the day, and increasing comfort.

If you suffer from sensitive skin, you may benefit from avoiding products that contain parabens, glycerine or propylene glycol. According to Self, these ingredients can irritate the skin.

lubricant Vaginal moisturizers can help combat dryness (Credit: Unsplash)

5. Vaginal estrogen

Estrogen is one of the most important female hormones, but too little of it can have repercussions when it comes to your sex life.

A decrease in the production of estrogen can trigger physiological changes in the vagina. It causes the tissues to thin out, which in turn will have an effect on lubrication.

Estrogen deficiency can be caused by menopause, breastfeeding, hormone imbalances, genetic factors, and certain medications.

In order to combat this, you may be prescribed estrogen medication. It can come in a variety of forms, including creams, rings and vaginal tablets. However, you will require a prescription and an evaluation by your doctor before use.

lube Some women may be prescribed prescription estrogen (Credit: Unsplash)

6. DHEA Supplements

Instead of undergoing estrogen therapy, some women may benefit from the DHEA hormone. Prior to menopause, the levels of DHEA in women are high, but they begin to rapidly decrease when women stop menstruating.

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According to Healthline, DHEA supplements can be placed in the vagina in order to reduce pain during sex and to ease vaginal dryness.

You will require a prescription to receive DHEA supplements, and will need to be monitored by your healthcare provider,

lubricant (Credit: Unsplash)

7. Viagra for her

Viagra, or topical sildenafil, is popularly used to treat erectile dysfunction in men by increasing blood flow to the penis. Several studies have shown, however, that women can also benefit from it.

If you are a woman who has been prescribed topical sildenafil, you will apply the cream directly to the clitoris prior to sex. It will increase blood flow to the clitoris, which will trigger natural lubrication.

Health care professionals will monitor the use of this product, however, and it must be prescribed.

How to apply lubricants for females (Credit: Unsplash)

8. Do not douche

Douching is highly unnecessary, and can cause vaginal dryness, as well as increase your chances of experiencing pain during intercourse.

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Worryingly, douching removes bacteria that is required for a healthy vaginal pH balance. Additionally, the perfumes and ingredients that these items contain can be drying to vaginal tissues.

How to apply lubricants for females Douching can cause vaginal dryness (Credit: Unsplash)

9. Consider your lifestyle choices

Those who smoke and drink excessive amounts of alcohol may want to reconsider their lifestyle choices.

Smoking can affect blood flow to your body's tissues, including your vagina. This can affect sexual stimulation, arousal, as well as your natural lubrication levels.

Likewise, alcohol is known to dehydrate your body — and this applies to your nether regions too! With less water overall, there will be less fluid available for lubrication.

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