Is the Cecil Hotel still open? 10 of the creepiest reviews left by guests

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Feb 12, 20215 mins

Is the Cecil Hotel still open? 10 of the creepiest reviews left by guests

Netflix fans have been wondering if the Cecil Hotel is still open after watching the Crime Scene docu-series..

The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel investigates the disappearance of Elisa Lam and also features interviews with guests who stayed there.

The infamous Los Angeles site has witnessed countless murders, suicides, and was even the temporary home of some of America's most notorious serial killers.

So, is the Cecil Hotel still open? Here's everything you need to know...

Is the Cecil Hotel still open The iconic Cecil Hotel opened in 1927 (Credit: Netflix / Screenshot)

Is the Cecil Hotel still open?

The Cecil Hotel is still open but is currently undergoing a refurbishment. In an attempt to shake off its sordid past, it has had a rebrand and is now known as the Stay on Main Hotel.

The hotel was bought by its new owners for $26 million in 2007, and they gave it a $100 million renovation. Another substantial makeover of the Stay on Main was announced in 2016, and so the hotel shut its doors once more.

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The owners were still reportedly in the midst of getting permits and funding for the development in 2019. The initial plan was to have everything completed in October of 2021, but due to delays caused by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, this seems unlikely.

If you're thinking about making a reservation for when the hotel starts taking bookings again, you may want to check out some of the reviews first.

The Cecil Hotel is now known as the Stay on Main hotel (Credit: Netflix / Screenshot)

The creepiest Google reviews of the Cecil Hotel

Over the years, visitors have noticed disturbing occurrences during their stays at the iconic downtown LA site.

From things that go bump in the night to "terrible" odours, we've compiled some of the creepiest reviews of the Cecil Hotel.

1. "Spooky"

"It was sooo spooky to stay here.. okay you can't change the history of this hotel but hmm yes. Everyone says the water tastes bad but I didn't get that... But it was still spooky sometimes. I heard crazy voices at night outside my room... I was alone and I´ve never been so scared... For humans who love adventures and ghosts it is the best place to stay! [sic]"

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"The bathrooms were terribly dirty, I found stains on the towels, heard SCREAMING from next doors and [it] was the scariest experience. I found blood on the curtains, which really unsettled me, so I only stayed for 1 night. The water was fine, but idk why people are lying about the water being black when it was cleaned out [sic]."

Is the cecil hotel still open And visitors have claimed to have experienced "spooky" occurrences. (Credit: Netflix / Screenshot)

3. "Feeling of being watched" 

"I just recently stay there, I had a terrible sleep, kept hearing my door being knocked on. Couldn't shower with the feeling of being watched. Had the elevator constantly open, and a dripping wet lady kept walking in front of my room. Terrible [sic]."

4. "Creepy noises at night' 

"Service was great! Creepy noises at night, and felt like I was being watched. Rooms were way too small. Based on the history of the Cecil Hotel, I was scared at first, but I kind of liked it overall. I learned the history of the Cecil (Elisa Lam), and it was scary. In conclusion, the food and service were great. Please put warnings on the noises! Make the rooms bigger. I was there 6 months ago, but I didn't want to write a review [sic]."

The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel is available to stream on Netflix (Credit: Netflix / Screenshot)

5. "Like they were planning something" 

"This was a creepy experience for me the bathroom... Moreover, the staff were acting weird and awkward like they were planning something... The smell, the water, the curtains..screaming? I heard... This hotel is a big NO for me [sic]."


"DO NOT VISIT THIS HOTEL. They can change their name, and try to leave it in the past but what happened within those walls cannot be changed. Elisa Lam will be remembered. If you go, please be careful. It's really sketchy. One word CREEPY!"

Pictured is Elisa Lam who went missing and later died at the Cecil Hotel (Credit: Netflix / Screenshot)

7. 'Many scary noises at night'

"Hotel looks kind of fancy, I stayed here 6 years ago. Bathrooms were very dirty, many scary noises at night. Water didn't look clean and tasted strong, so I used bottled water to brush my teeth, and drink. I didn't know that this hotel was haunted. Scary place. Looks like they changed the name. Would not recommend this hotel [sic]."

8. "A terrible odour'

"I didn't like it here. The rooms were okay but the room I had, had a terrible odour. I didn't want to stay here cause I kept hearing creaks and noises and it was hard for me to sleep... Also about the past of Richard stalker guy yeah no.. [sic]"

cecil hotel Elisa Lam's body was recovered from a water tank atop the hotel (Credit: Netflix / Screenshot)


9. 'Eerie vibes'

"[We stayed] here back in 2013 didn't even know the history and that it was Cecil Hotel. Got some eerie vibes while staying there. Staff were great. Room was nice had no problems. Didn't know it was closed now. But I didn't mind staying there [sic]."

10. "A bad idea" 

"When they renamed it 'stay on main' they literally mean to stay on the main street. Don't go anywhere else... it's a bad idea [sic]."

So, there you have it. While The Cecil Hotel will be open for business in the not too distant future, you may want to give it a miss...


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