Meghan Markle follows a surpringly easy wellness routines – here's how you can too

Meghan Markle follows a surpringly easy wellness routines – here's how you can too

With the 19th of May edging ever closer, it appears that the event of the season – nay, the year – is nearly upon us. Certainly, wedding bells have not ceased tolling since Britain's most eligible bachelor, Prince Harry, announced his engagement to American actress Meghan Markle back in November. And as anyone who remembers the union of Prince William and Kate Middleton will attest to - not only will the frenzy refuse to die down anytime soon - but it won't be limited to just England either.

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Indeed, the rumour mill has kept Harry and the Suits star in the headlines for months, and it's only set to increase in the run-up to the big day. In the past few weeks alone, there has been an onslaught of news stories detailing everything from the precise shade of Meghan's wedding dress to the notes in the fragrance which was custom made for her big day.

And now, we have got wind of Meghan Markle's wellness routine, and you may be surprised to hear that it's rather easy to replicate.

With her mother being a yoga instructor, Meghan has always been an advocate of healthy living.

We already know that Meghan enjoys a plant-based diet during the week. In a 2016 interview with Best Health magazine, she stated, "When I’m filming, I’m conscious of what I eat. I try to eat vegan during the week and then have a little bit more flexibility with what I dig into on the weekends," adding that "It's all about balance".

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As well as attending hot yoga sessions, Meghan runs for the physical and mental benefits. Speaking to Women's Health, she said "Running has always been my form of moving meditation, which I relish because it allows me to get out of my head." The 36-year-old detailed that she always tries to run with a partner to keep herself motivated throughout her 6-mile runs.

So, what would a perfect day in Meghan's food diary look like? In an interview with The New Potato, she revealed that a balanced diet - involving leafy greens, protein, carbs and (thankfully) a fair amount of wine - was her answer to emotional and physical wellness:

"A Clean Cleanse vanilla shake blended with frozen Ontario blueberries for breakfast, a Niçoise salad and glass of rosé, with some Grey Owl goat cheese and baguette on the side for lunch, and a leisurely dinner of seafood and pasta, and a negroni to cap off the night."

However, the erstwhile Suits star was keen to stress that it all comes down to the company you keep. "Surround yourself with people who live a healthy lifestyle… it rubs off," she concluded.

While we can't promise that you'll get Meghan's enviable figure just by following this advice alone, it's evident that a bit of wellness never did hurt anyone...